modem message (event)

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Grid Modem.png  Event modem_message
Fired when any modem message arrives through an open modem channel. If the message arrived cross-dimensionally, then the distance argument is set to nil.
Returned Object 1 The side of the computer where the message was received.
Returned Object 2 The frequency that the message has been received on.
Returned Object 3 The frequency that the sender defined when sending the message.
Returned Object 4 The message received. It will remain the same type as was transmitted.
Returned Object 5 The distance (in blocks) between the two computers.

Grid paper.png  Example
Prints details of the message received.
while true do
  event, side, frequency, replyFrequency, message, distance = os.pullEvent("modem_message")
  print("Message received from the open modem on the "..side.." side of this computer.")
  print("Frequency: "..frequency..")
  print("Requested reply frequency: "..replyFrequency..")
  print("Distance: "..distance..")
  print("Message is as follows: "..message)
Output Will print out all details of the message received on the modem.