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Grid Redstone.png  Function term.isColor
Returns true if it's an advanced computer.
Syntax term.isColor()
Returns boolean returns true if it's an advanced computer.
Part of ComputerCraft
API term


Grid paper.png  Example
This program verifies if the computer can display colors.
Outputting information in each possible case
-- first check if the term.isColor function exists
if not term.isColor then
  print("This is a pre ComputerCraft 1.45 computer, there are only normal computers! Text is always white and the background is always black")

-- next check if the computer is an advanced computer
elseif term.isColor() then
  print("This is an advanced computer, go crazy with the colours!")

-- all checks failed, meaning that it is a normal computer
  print("This is a normal computer. The text and background colour can be changed between black and white, but no colours!")