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Grid Redstone.png  Function textutils.urlEncode
Replaces certain characters in a string to make it safe for use on the internet. Note that it is a string function and will even replace characters that are allowed in URLs. Use this only for text to be inserted in an URL, not the URL itself.
Syntax textutils.urlEncode(string text)
Returns string safe for use on the internet
Part of ComputerCraft
API textutils


Grid paper.png  Example
Create a safe URL from a base URL and a string to be inserted.
local unsafeString = "€ @!! 3-g_dvv[gf"
local baseUrl = "http://example.com/?view="
local safeString = textutils.urlEncode(unsafeString)

print(baseUrl .. safeString)
Output http://example.com/?view=Œ84+%40%21%21+3%2Dg%5Fdvv%5Bgf