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Grid Redstone.png  Function turtle.getFuelLevel
Returns how much fuel is inside the specific turtle. Turtles may be configured to ignore the need for fuel via ComputerCraft.cfg, in which case this command will always return "unlimited". Turtles loose their fuel when destroyed, if they don't have a label.

Trivia: during the 1.4 beta, turtle.getFuelLevel() in softcore (that is now turtleneedsfuel = 0) returned 9000.
Syntax turtle.getFuelLevel()
Returns "unlimited" if fuel is disabled, otherwise the fuel level.
Part of ComputerCraft
API turtle


Grid paper.png  Example
Attempts to refuel the turtle if the fuel tank is empty.
if turtle.getFuelLevel() ~= "unlimited" and turtle.getFuelLevel() < 1 then

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