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Grid Redstone.png  Function turtle.inspect
Returns the ID string and metadata of the block in front of the Turtle in a table format: { name = "modname:blockname", metadata = 0, state = {} }.

The "state" sub-table is only present in Minecraft 1.8+, and contains block state info for the block being inspected. For example, a log of wood's state table contains the keys "variant" (which may be set to eg "oak"), and "axis" (which may be set to eg "y", indicating an upright orientation).
Syntax turtle.inspect()
Returns boolean success, table data/string error message
Part of ComputerCraft
API turtle


Grid paper.png  Example
If there is a block in front of the turtle, prints it's name and metadata.
local success, data = turtle.inspect()

if success then
  print("Block name: ", data.name)
  print("Block metadata: ", data.metadata)

Additional Notes

  • Returns false when there is nothing (air) in front of the Turtle.

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