Creating a simple name reading program

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The Code

This will be a tutorial on making a program that will read a name. This is the code:

   print("Enter Your Name: ")
   local name = read()
   print("Hello "", that's a cool name.")

The print is pretty obvious, it puts the text on the screen and makes a new line. Now the 'local name = read()' sets 'name' as a variable which contains a string (piece of text) which the user typed, in this case it's his/her name. And the last line will print some text, and the '""' concatenates (merges) the text before it with the text that the variable 'name' contains.

This is another version for my door:

   textutils.slowPrint("Enter Your Name: ")
   local name = read()
   print("Okay "", door's open!")
   rs.setOutput("right",true) -- this can be changed, "right" is the side of door / redstone