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IO is a reimplementation of the default Lua input / output API defined here, with some features trimmed. Most features should work. If you find a non-working feature, please list it here.

List of non-working features from IO as of ComputerCraft 1.55:

  • Modes “a+”, “r+”, and “w+” are not supported.
  • io.write: Does not accept multiple arguments.
  • io.popen: Doesn’t exist.
  • Only allows format string “*l” and “*a”.
  • io.tmpfile: Doesn’t exist.
  • file:read: Doesn’t support format string “*n” or a character count.
  • file:seek: Doesn’t exist.
  • file:setvbuf: Doesn’t exist.

All of the capabilities in this API are also available in the Fs API, along with some other functions not directly related to reading and writing individual files.