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  |args=[[int (type)|int]] startX, [[int (type)|int]] startY, [[int (type)|int]] endX, [[int (type)|int]] endY, [[colour (API)|colour]] colour
  |args={{type|number}} startX, {{type|number}} startY, {{type|number}} endX, {{type|number}} endY, {{type|number}} [[colour (API)|colour]]

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Grid Redstone.png  Function paintutils.drawLine
Draw a line on the screen from (startX startY) to (endX endY)
Syntax paintutils.drawLine(number startX, number startY, number endX, number endY, number colour)
Returns nil
Part of ComputerCraft
API paintutils


Grid paper.png  Example
This code will draw a red line from the position (1, 2) to the position (9, 10)
paintutils.drawLine(1, 2, 9, 10, colours.red)