Peripheral detach (event)

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Grid Modem.png  Event peripheral_detach
Fired when a peripheral is disconnected (directly adjacent) from the computer.
Returned Object 1 The String value of the side of the now-disconnected peripheral.


p = peripheral.wrap("right") --wraps the peripheral on the right side
event, side = os.pullEvent("peripheral_detach") --wait's until the peripheral is disconnected (e.g. Destroyed)
print(event) --print's the event name
print(side) --print's the side where the Peripheral was

Advanced Example

For this tutorial you need to know how Wired Modems works I have set up an build like this:

Sample Build
p = peripheral.wrap("")
while true do
event, side = os.pullEvent("peripheral_detach")
print(side) --print's the peripheral Name

Every Time you disconnecting an Peripheral it show's:

peripheralname has been disconnected (Where peripheralname is the disconnected Perpheral).