Rednet (API)

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The rednet API provides a simple computer networking model over RedPower bundled cables. With the table below, 'side' refers to a string that represents a side of the computer ("front", "back", "left", "right", "bottom", "top"). All message sent with rednet are and must be strings.

Method name Description side ) Tells the computer that the side can be used for networking.
rednet.close( side ) Tells the computer that the side can no longer be used for networking.
rednet.announce() Broadcasts an empty rednet message.
rednet.send( receiverID, message ) Sends a message to the computer using the opened sides. The receiver ID is the ID (number, not string) of the computer you're sending the message to.
rednet.broadcast( message ) Sends the message to ALL connected and open computers.
rednet.receive( timeout ) Sets an amount of time to wait for a rednet message input. If you wanted to have the computer wait for an input for 5 seconds, then the code would be: rednet.receive( 5 )

You can also handle the "rednet_message" event to receive messages without calling receive(), the arguments are the same as the receive() return values.