Redstone (API)

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The redstone API contains methods to control attached RedPower cables/bundled cables


Method name Description
getBundledInput( side ) Returns the state of a redpower wire inside a bundle connected to side
getBundledOutput( side ) Returns the set of redpower wires inside a bundle on side that are being driven high by the local console (not those that are driven high by another device on the bundle but not driven high by the local console)
setBundledOutput( side, colors ) Sets one or multiple colored signals in a redpower bundled wire connected to Side
testBundledInput( side, color ) Returns true or false whether or not a colored signal is active in a redpower bundled wire connected to Side
getInput( side ) Returns the current redstone signal state on side
getSides() Returns an array of possible sides
setOutput( side,boolean ) Set or reset a redstone signal on side