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|Exits the program (the shell if no program is open)
|Exits the current shell

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The shell API allows you to interface with the shell.


Method name Description
shell.exit() Exits the current shell
shell.dir() Returns the directory
shell.setDir( path ) Sets the directory
shell.path() Returns the path
shell.setPath( path ) Sets the path
shell.resolve( localpath ) Resolves a local path to an absolute path.
shell.resolveProgram( name ) Resolves the absolute path to the program whose name you provided.
shell.aliases() Returns aliases.
shell.setAlias( alias, command ) Sets an alias.
shell.clearAlias( alias, command ) Clears an alias.
shell.programs() Returns programs.
shell.run( program, arguments ) Runs a program.
shell.getRunningProgram() Returns the absolute path to the currently-executing program.