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Version New Features or Changes Minecraft Version
ComputerCraft 1.33
  • Ported to Minecraft 1.2.5
ComputerCraft 1.32
  • Ported to Minecraft 1.2.4
  • Fixed a big memory leak in LuaJ that caused extra threads to stay around forever when computers were shut down.
ComputerCraft 1.31
  • Ported to Minecraft 1.2.3
  • Added Monitors (thanks to Cloudy). Build huge external displays for your computers!
  • New positioning capabilities for computers and turtles. Build GPS networks and triangulate the positions of your turtles position so they never get lost!
  • New turtle.compare() function for turtles for more intelligent mining.
  • New programs and APIs: gps, monitor, vector
  • New program: pastebin (requires enableAPI_HTTP=1 in mod_ComputerCraft.cfg), upload and download programs made by other users ingame!
  • Added a new top secret program designed for use with Monitors, see if you can find it.
  • Lots of additions to existing APIs and programs. Type "help whatsnew" in game for the full details.

ComputerCraft 1.3
  • Ported to Minecraft Forge.
  • Added Turtles, Mining Turtles, Wireless Turtles and Wireless Mining Turtles (Block ID 209).
  • Added a Peripheral API to allow mod developers to create custom peripherals for ComputerCraft. Details on this will be posted in the next few days.
  • Added Wireless Modems. Use the rednet API to send data wirelessly between computers and turtles!
  • Computers and Disk Drives no longer get destroyed by water.
  • Computers and Turtles can now be labelled, destroyed, and moved around, keeping their state.
  • Computers and Turtles can connect to adjacent devices, and turn them on or off.
  • User programs now give line numbers in their error messages, for easier debugging.
  • New APIs and programs for Turtles: turtle, excavate, tunnel, go, turn and dance.
  • Lots of additions to existing APIs and programs. Type "help whatsnew" in game for the full details.
ComputerCraft 1.21
  • Added shortcut key to shutdown the computer.
  • Added a help API add-on pack.
  • Various bug fixes.
ComputerCraft 1.2
  • Added Disk Drives
  • Added shortcut keys to terminate the current program and reboot the computer.
  • Added a new system for user created APIs.
  • Added RedNet.
  • Added shell.setPath() and shell.setAlias().
  • Added a new ROM startup script.
  • Added os.clock(), os.time(), and os.setAlarm().
  • Added game: "Worm!"
  • Added programs: alias, apis, copy, delete, dj, drive, eject, id, label, list, move, reboot, redset, rename, time, worm.
  • Added APIs: bit, colours, disk, help, rednet, parallel, textutils
  • Text can be edited with left and right arrow keys.
  • Many bug fixes
ComputerCraft 1.11
  • Fixed bug where Computers could not read input from RedPower cables which had a bend in the immediately adjacent square.
ComputerCraft 1.1
  • Changed the default block ID for the Computer to 207.
  • Added multiplayer support.
  • Added connectivity with RedPower bundled cables.
  • Added HTTP API
  • Fixed support for HD textures on the front of Computers.
  • Added command history to the Console.
  • Added config options to change the size of the Console GUI and the text color.
  • Programs with infinite loops that don't yield will no longer freeze Minecraft and will terminate after 10 seconds.
  • Extended Help and fixed typos/small errors in various programs.
ComputerCraft 1.02
  • Fixed the MCPatcher HD textures incompatibility that was causing the computer texture to replace cobblestone blocks.
ComputerCraft 1.01
  • Added a ModLoader configuration file, so the computers block ID can be changed.
  • Made the error message that displays when Lua files are not correctly installed much more clear, no more "Assertion failed."
ComputerCraft 1.0
  • First Release