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Version New Features or Changes Minecraft Version
Computercraft 1.481
  • Fixed compatibility bug with MiscPeripherals.
Computercraft 1.48
  • Ported to Minecraft 1.4.6
  • Advanced Monitors can now be used as touchscreens
  • Advanced Monitors are now easier to craft
  • Turtles now get slightly less movement from fuel
  • Turtles can now push items
  • Computers can now control Command Blocks, if enabled in the config
  • New API function: os.day()
  • A christmas surprise
ComputerCraft 1.47
  • Ported to Minecraft 1.4.4
  • Fixed label tooltips not showing up in SMP
ComputerCraft 1.46
  • Ported to Minecraft 1.4.2
  • ComputerCraft items now have their own tab in Creative Mode
ComputerCraft 1.45
  • Added Advanced Computers
  • Added Advanced Monitors
  • New program: paint (by nitrogenfingers)
  • New API: paintutils
  • New term functions: term.setBackgroundColor, term.setTextColor, term.isColor
  • New turtle function: turtle.transferTo
ComputerCraft 1.43
  • Added Printed Pages (bind several Printed Page items into one with string)
  • Added Printed Books (add a leather cover to the above)
  • Labelled Turtles now keep their fuel when broken
  • Fixed incompatibility with Forge 275 and above
ComputerCraft 1.42
  • Ported to Minecraft 1.3.2 and the Forge mod system
  • Added Printers
  • Floppy Disks can now be dyed different colours
  • Wireless Crafty Turtles can now be crafted
  • All new textures
  • New Forge config file
  • Various tweaks and bug fixes
ComputerCraft 1.41
  • Fixed labelled Computers not keeping their data when destroyed
  • Fixed the “excavate” program outputting lots of spam
  • File system size limits now take into account empty files and directories
  • Some small changes to the Turtle Upgrade API ahead of it’s impending release.(Update: The API has now been released)
ComputerCraft 1.4
  • Ported to Forge Mod Loader: ComputerCraft can now be ran directly from the .zip without extraction
  • Added Farming Turtles
  • Added Felling Turtles
  • Added Digging Turtles
  • Added Melee Turtles
  • Added Crafty Turtles
  • Added 14 new Turtle Combinations accessible by combining the turtle upgrades above
  • Labelled computers and turtles can now be crafted into turtles or other turtle types without losing their ID, label and data
  • Added a “Turtle Upgrade API” for mod developers to create their own tools and peripherals for turtles
  • Turtles can now attack entities with turtle.attack(), and collect their dropped items
  • Turtles can now use turtle.place() with any item the player can, and can interact with entities
  • Turtles can now craft items with turtle.craft()
  • Turtles can now place items into inventories with turtle.drop()
  • Changed the behaviour of turtle.place() and turtle.drop() to only consider the currently selected slot
  • Turtles can now pick up items from the ground, or from inventories, with turtle.suck()
  • Turtles can now compare items in their inventories
  • Turtles can place signs with text on them with turtle.place( [signText] )
  • Turtles now optionally require fuel items to move, and can refuel themselves
  • The size of the the turtle inventory has been increased to 16
  • The size of the turtle screen has been increased
  • New turtle functions: turtle.compareTo( [slotNum] ), turtle.craft(), turtle.attack(), turtle.attackUp(), turtle.attackDown(), turtle.dropUp(), turtle.dropDown(), turtle.getFuelLevel(), turtle.refuel()
  • New disk function: disk.getDiskID()
  • New turtle programs: craft, refuel
  • “excavate” program now much smarter: Will return items to a chest when full, attack mobs, and refuel itself automatically
  • New API: keys
  • Added optional Floppy Disk and Hard Drive space limits for computers and turtles
  • New fs function: fs.getFreeSpace( path ), also fs.getDrive() works again
  • The send and receive range of wireless modems now increases with altitude, allowing long range networking from high-altitude computers (great for GPS networks)
  • http.request() now supports https:// URLs
  • Right clicking a Disk Drive with a Floppy Disk or a Record when sneaking will insert the item into the Disk Drive automatically
  • The default size of the computer screen has been increased
  • Several stability and security fixes: LuaJ can now no longer leave dangling threads when a computer is unloaded, turtles can no longer be destroyed by tree leaves or walking off the edge of the loaded map. Computers no longer crash when used with RedPower frames
ComputerCraft 1.33
  • Ported to Minecraft 1.2.5
ComputerCraft 1.32
  • Ported to Minecraft 1.2.4
  • Fixed a big memory leak in LuaJ that caused extra threads to stay around forever when computers were shut down.
ComputerCraft 1.31
  • Ported to Minecraft 1.2.3
  • Added Monitors (thanks to Cloudy). Build huge external displays for your computers!
  • New positioning capabilities for computers and turtles. Build GPS networks and triangulate the positions of your turtles position so they never get lost!
  • New turtle.compare() function for turtles for more intelligent mining.
  • New programs and APIs: gps, monitor, vector
  • New program: pastebin (requires enableAPI_HTTP=1 in mod_ComputerCraft.cfg), upload and download programs made by other users ingame!
  • Added a new top secret program designed for use with Monitors, see if you can find it.
  • Lots of additions to existing APIs and programs. Type "help whatsnew" in game for the full details.
ComputerCraft 1.3
  • Ported to Minecraft Forge.
  • Added Turtles, Mining Turtles, Wireless Turtles and Wireless Mining Turtles (Block ID 209).
  • Added a Peripheral API to allow mod developers to create custom peripherals for ComputerCraft. Details on this will be posted in the next few days.
  • Added Wireless Modems. Use the rednet API to send data wirelessly between computers and turtles!
  • Computers and Disk Drives no longer get destroyed by water.
  • Computers and Turtles can now be labelled, destroyed, and moved around, keeping their state.
  • Computers and Turtles can connect to adjacent devices, and turn them on or off.
  • User programs now give line numbers in their error messages, for easier debugging.
  • New APIs and programs for Turtles: turtle, excavate, tunnel, go, turn and dance.
  • Lots of additions to existing APIs and programs. Type "help whatsnew" in game for the full details.
ComputerCraft 1.21
  • Added shortcut key to shutdown the computer.
  • Added a help API add-on pack.
  • Various bug fixes.
ComputerCraft 1.2
  • Added Disk Drives
  • Added shortcut keys to terminate the current program and reboot the computer.
  • Added a new system for user created APIs.
  • Added RedNet.
  • Added shell.setPath() and shell.setAlias().
  • Added a new ROM startup script.
  • Added os.clock(), os.time(), and os.setAlarm().
  • Added game: "Worm!"
  • Added programs: alias, apis, copy, delete, dj, drive, eject, id, label, list, move, reboot, redset, rename, time, worm.
  • Added APIs: bit, colours, disk, help, rednet, parallel, textutils
  • Text can be edited with left and right arrow keys.
  • Many bug fixes
ComputerCraft 1.11
  • Fixed bug where Computers could not read input from RedPower cables which had a bend in the immediately adjacent square.
ComputerCraft 1.1
  • Changed the default block ID for the Computer to 207.
  • Added multiplayer support.
  • Added connectivity with RedPower bundled cables.
  • Added HTTP API
  • Fixed support for HD textures on the front of Computers.
  • Added command history to the Computer.
  • Added config options to change the size of the Computer GUI and the text color.
  • Programs with infinite loops that don't yield will no longer freeze Minecraft and will terminate after 10 seconds.
  • Extended Help and fixed typos/small errors in various programs.
ComputerCraft 1.02
  • Fixed the MCPatcher HD textures incompatibility that was causing the computer texture to replace cobblestone blocks.
ComputerCraft 1.01
  • Added a ModLoader configuration file, so the computers block ID can be changed.
  • Made the error message that displays when Lua files are not correctly installed much more clear, no more "Assertion failed."
ComputerCraft 1.0
  • First Release