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The following table is used to assign IDs for new types of Turtle Upgrade. When releasing a peripheral, choose an unused ID from this list, then claim it as yours by editing this page.

ComputerCraft 1.53 increased the maximum turtle upgrade ID from 255 to 32767.

This is for about-to-be-released Turtle Upgrades only. Please don't reserve IDs for upgrades while they're still in development.

ID Turtle name Crafting Item Author Download Link
0 Turtle No Item dan200
1 Wireless Turtle Wireless Modem dan200
2 Crafty Turtle Crafting Table dan200
3 Melee Turtle Diamond Sword dan200
4 Digging Turtle Diamond Shovel dan200
5 Mining Turtle Diamond Pickaxe dan200
6 Felling Turtle Diamond Axe dan200
7 Farming Turtle Diamond Hoe dan200
8-63 Reserved by ComputerCraft
64-99 Available
100 Internet Turtle Webinterface Kilobyte/Stiepen Forum Page
101 Chatty Turtle Chatbox austinv11 Forum Page
102 Player Noticing Turtle Player Sensor austinv11 Forum Page
103 Navigational Turtle Compass austinv11 Forum Page
104 XP Turtle Chatbox austinv11 Forum Page
105 Barrel Turtle Barrel (JABBA or Factorization) austinv11 Forum Page
106 Equivalence Checking Turtle Ore Dictionary austinv11 Forum Page
107 Shearing Turtle Shears austinv11 Forum Page
108 Environmentalist Turtle Environment Scanner austinv11 Forum Page
109 Feeding Turtle Turtle Feeder Upgrade austinv11 Forum Page
110-124 Project Red Tool Turtle Corresponding Project Red Tool austinv11 Forum Page
125 Talkative Turtle Speaker austinv11 Forum Page
126 Thirsty Turtle Tank (From Peripherals++) austinv11 Forum Page
127 Musical Turtle Iron Noteblock austinv11 Forum Page
128 Reading Turtle Sign austinv11 Forum Page
129 Gardening Turtle Wheat Seeds austinv11 Forum Page
130 Ridable Turtle Saddle austinv11 Forum Page
131 Flinging Turtle Dispenser austinv11 Forum Page
132-146 Bluepower Tool Turtle Corresponding Bluepower Tool austinv11 Forum Page
147 Chunky Turtle Chunk Loader Upgrade (from Peripherals++) austinv11 Forum Page
148 Supplied Turtle Resupply Upgrade austinv11 Forum Page
149 Available
150 IDetecting Turtle Book Hackingroelz Forum Page
151 Solar Turtle Solar Panel Hackingroelz Forum Page
152 Sonar Turtle Jukebox Hackingroelz Forum Page
153 Batch turtle Batch pearl Hackingroelz Forum Page
154 Database turtle Database Hackingroelz Forum Page
155 Silk Touch Mining turtle Silk Touch Diamond Pickaxe Hackingroelz Forum Page
156 Ender Turtle Eye of ender Hackingroelz Forum Page
157 Speaking Turtle Note Block Hackingroelz Forum Page
158 Chunk Loading Turtle Chunk Loader Hackingroelz Forum Page
159 ??? Turtle ??? Hackingroelz Forum Page
160 Fishing Turtle Fishing rod Hackingroelz Forum Page
161 Advanced Solar Turtle Advanced solar panel Hackingroelz Forum Page
162 Furnace Turtle Furnace Hackingroelz Forum Page
163 Self-Destructing Turtle TNT Hackingroelz Forum Page
164 Creative Turtle Bedrock Hackingroelz Forum Page
165 Face Detection Turtle Advanced Human Face Detector Hackingroelz Forum Page
166 Iron Detecting Turtle Iron Detector Hackingroelz Forum Page
167 Poisonous Turtle Poison Hackingroelz Forum Page
168 Robot-Arm Turtle Robot Arm Hackingroelz Forum Page
168 Thaum Turtle Vis Shard Hackingroelz Forum Page
170 Alchemical Turtle Transmutation Tablet Absorr Forum Page
171-179 Available
180 Sensor Turtle Sensor Peripheral Cloudy
181-189 Available
190 Clicking Turtle Turtle Claw KnightMiner Forum thread
191 Smashing Turtle Ex Nihilo Diamond Hammer KnightMiner Forum thread
192 Ranged Turtle Bow KnightMiner Forum thread
193 Explosive Turtle TNT KnightMiner Forum thread
194 Crushing Turtle Ex Compressum Hammer KnightMiner Forum thread
195 Mining Laser Turtle Mining Laser KnightMiner Forum thread
196 Sensor Turtle Turtle Sensor KnightMiner Forum thread
197-199 Available
200 ARP Turtle Inventory Interface Xfel Forum Page
201 Wrench Turtle Wrench Tool ZeldoKavira/King_Lemming ThermalExpansion Wiki
202-204 Available
205 Fireworks Turtle Electrical Fireworks Lighter heldplayer Forum Page
206 Hardware Accelerated Turtle Hardware Accelerator RichardG867 Forum Page
207 ??? ??? RichardG867 Forum Page
208 Scoop Turtle Scoop RichardG867 Forum Page
209 Grafter Turtle Grafter RichardG867 Forum Page
210 Speaker Turtle Speaker RichardG867 Forum Page
211 Ore Scanner Turtle OD Scanner RichardG867 Forum Page
212 Advanced Ore Scanner Turtle OV Scanner RichardG867 Forum Page
213 Peripheral Turtle Peripheral Holder ChickenBones MC Forums
214 MFFS Turtle MFFS MultiTool <Wrench> RichardG867 Forum Page
215 RTG Turtle RTG Module RichardG867 Forum Page
216 Thaum Scanner Turtle Goggles of Revealing RichardG867 Forum Page
217 Tank Turtle Tank RichardG867 Forum Page
218 Inventory Turtle Inventory Module RichardG867 Forum Page
219 REther Turtle REther Module RichardG867 Forum Page
220 Alchemist Turtle Minium Stone RichardG867 Forum Page
221 Wrench Turtle Wrench RichardG867 Forum Page
222 Treetap Turtle Treetap RichardG867 Forum Page
223 Gate Reader Turtle Gate Reader RichardG867 Forum Page
224 Note Turtle Iron Note Block RichardG867 Forum Page
225 Chunk Loader Turtle Chunk Loader RichardG867 Forum Page
226 Laser Turtle Mining Laser RichardG867 Forum Page
227 Feeder Turtle Feeding Module RichardG867 Forum Page
228 Resupply Turtle Resupply Module RichardG867 Forum Page
229 Solar Turtle Solar Panel RichardG867 Forum Page
230 Shearing Turtle Shears RichardG867 Forum Page
231 Compass Turtle Compass RichardG867 Forum Page
232 LV Solar Turtle LV Solar Array RichardG867 Forum Page
233 MV Solar Turtle MV Solar Array RichardG867 Forum Page
234 HV Solar Turtle HV Solar Array RichardG867 Forum Page
235 Sign Reader Turtle Sign RichardG867 Forum Page
236 Advanced Solar Turtle Advanced Solar Panel RichardG867 Forum Page
237 Hybrid Solar Turtle Hybrid Solar Panel RichardG867 Forum Page
238 Ultimate Hybrid Solar Turtle Ultimate Hybrid Solar Panel RichardG867 Forum Page
239 XP Turtle Enchantment Table RichardG867 Forum Page
240 Image Reading Turtle Painting coranos Forum Page
241 Chemistry Turtle Chemistry Upgrade ljdp MC Forums
242 Anvil Turtle Anvil RichardG867 Forum Page
243-244 Available
245 Paintbrush Turtle Paintbrush ee_man MC Forums
246 SignEdit Turtle Sign Edit Tool ee_man MC Forums
247-252 Available
253 Camera Turtle Camera (Peripheral) Sangar Forum Page
254 NBT Editor Turtle Bottle o' Enchanting xuma202 Forum Page
255 Analytical Turtle Magnifying Glass someone9999 Forum Page
256-259 Available
260 Chunky Turtle _CR_ Forum Page
261 Miny Chunky Turtle _CR_ Forum Page
262 Wireless Chunky Turtle _CR_ Forum Page
263-330 Available
331 Networked Turtle Wireless Bridge SquidDev Forum Page
332 Ambidextrous Turtle Tool Host SquidDev Forum Page
333-16383 Available
16384 Chatty Turtle ChatBox theoriginalbit Wiki
16385 Noisy Turtle Iron Note theoriginalbit Wiki
16386 Informed Turtle Item Dictionary theoriginalbit Wiki
16387 Dizzy Turtle Compass theoriginalbit Wiki
16388 Shearing Turtle Shears theoriginalbit Wiki
16389 Fiery Turtle Furnace theoriginalbit Wiki
16390 Outdoorsy Turtle Solar Panel theoriginalbit Wiki
16391 Pyromaniac Turtle Flint and Steel theoriginalbit Wiki
16392-26709 Available
26710 Tool Builder Turtle Tool Station RichardG867 Forum Page
26711 Fireworks Turtle Firework Launcher RichardG867 Forum Page
26712 Energy Meter Turtle Energy Meter RichardG867 Forum Page
26713 Chest Turtle Chest RichardG867 Forum Page
26714-32766 Available
32767 Energistic Turtle Me Interface gudenau Soon™