Built In Turtle Programs

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Turtles have the same programs installed by default as any other computer, but with the addition of turtle-specific programs.


Grid disk.png   Additional TurtleOS Shell Programs

Program NameDescription
craft The turtle will, if it is able, craft an item from the contents of its inventory.
dance Initiates "get down" procedure.
equip <side> The turtle will attempt to place a tool on its specified side. Note: Added by ComputerCraft 1.6
excavate <width> Digs a square-shaped quarry to bedrock, of width equal to that specified.
go <?> Moves the turtle.
refuel <amount> Attempts to replenish the turtle's fuel supply with items from its inventory.
tunnel <width> Digs a horizontal tunnel leading off in the direction the turtle is facing.
turn <?> Causes the turtle to rotate.
unequip<width> Attempts to remove a tool from the turtle's specified side. Note: Added by ComputerCraft 1.6

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