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Below is a list of notable operating systems of ComputerCraft. Many completely change the way you use ComputerCraft. There are countless other operating systems not listed here, you can find most of them on the operating system sub-forum. Some of these may not work in the current version of ComputerCraft.

Grid disk.png  Operating Systems
Name Creator(s) Requirements Description Supported ComputerCraft Version(s)
OneOS oeed HTTP (installer & updating), Colour Multitasking, very easy to use, nice interface, large collection of programs 1.4 - 1.6
Redworks FuzzyPurp HTTP Lots of programs & APIs, login system 1.33
LyqydOS Lyqyd HTTP (installer) Multitasking, windowing, supports both advanced and non-advanced computers 1.4 - 1.58
Craftbang Kingdaro HTTP (installer) Very simple and easy to use, multitasking, desktop 1.4 - 1.58

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