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Monitor is a CraftOS Shell program that will make computers and turtles reroute their display to an adjacent monitor. Note that this means the computer's display will not also be shown on the computer terminal itself - the display only ends up on the monitor. Also note that you can interact with the monitor by right clicking, but keyboard input can only be done by focusing on the computer. This is somewhat inconvenient since the computer's display has been rerouted, and meanwhile you can't see the monitor very easily while using the computer interface to type. This program is best used for other programs which interact primarily through mouse clicks, like paint.

Usage: monitor <side> <program> <arguments>

Grid paper.png  Example
This example can be used to run the paint program with an Advanced Computer and an Advanced Monitor placed directly above it. You can interface with the monitor to draw using the right mouse button, but keyboard entry will still require focusing on the computer. If the image is saved (using Ctrl+s, after focusing on the computer), the image will be stored in a file named image1.
monitor top paint image1

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