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Grid Redstone.png  Function os.loadAPI
Loads a user created API from a file located at path.

This function runs the file, collects all global (non-localized) variables from it and puts them into a table into the global (_G) environment. The name of the table in the _G table becomes the name of the file.
Syntax os.loadAPI(string path)
Returns boolean did the API load successfully?
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Grid paper.png  Example
Loads an API saved at "test/myAPI" and runs the global function "hello" from it.

local text = "Hello World!" -- this won't be seen from outside of the API because it is localized

function hello () -- this will be seen from outside the API because it is not localized
--The program that will use "myAPI"

os.loadAPI("test/myAPI") -- load the API

myAPI.hello() -- runs the function "hello" from the API
Output Hello World!

Additional Notes

  • path must be an absolute path.
  • All variables which will be needed to be accessed through <apiname>.<variable/function> must be global.
  • By default APIs cannot access shell API and multishell API.