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Treasure Disks are floppy disks added in 1.56 found only in random loot chests. (Ie. dungeon chests, village blacksmith chests, mineshaft chest carts,strongholds) They contain a random program by the community. The programs were chosen on the forums in 2013, but as of 18.10.2015 the thread is still pinned in Programs.

Table of programs

Author Program name Descrption
dan200 alongtimeago An ASCII Star Wars Episode 4 recreation. Tips: Play on a monitor, it won't fit on a computer screen.
fredthead protector A UFO-themed game, in which you are a spaceship defending 6 humans from the UFOs by shooting (pressing space) them. Every time you hit one, you get 20 points. The more points, the faster the UFOs and the harder it is to hit them. There is a scoreboard with 5 built-in high-scores. There is Dan at 1000 points, and Fred at 800, 600, 400 and 200 points. (Note: Use the arrow keys to move / turn around)
GopherATL battleship A battleships implementation which uses 2 computers connected through either wireless or wired modems.
GravityScore LuaIDE An IDE which might make you actually like editing code in-game.
JTK maze3d Actually contains both maze2d and maze3d, both of which are procedurally generated maze simulators. Maze3d is actually in 3d, at the cost of being kinda hard to control.
Lyqyd nsh A remote shell.
nitrogenfingers goldrunner A platformer.
nitrogenfingers npaintpro An improvement over the standard paint program.
TheOriginalBIT tictactoe A tic-tac-toe implementation, with an AI.
vilsol gameoflife A Conway's game of life implementation, with accurate prediction, pausing and stepping.