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Greetings, weary traveller...

.... I am AfterLifeLochie, and welcome to my small slice of the ComputerCraft Wiki.

I am an acting Administrator on the ComputerCraft Wiki - I regularly monitor and check changes, as well as make general improvements and changes. Leaving me a message on my talk page or asking me nicely when I'm awake on IRC is the best way to get a response to issues on the ComputerCraft Wiki. If all else fails, you can contact me at the ComputerCraft Forums.

I do a lot of editing and formatting changes, and proofreading (and by a lot, I mean upwards of 200 edits per day). Chances are, if you've just submitted a change, I've already read it. Sometimes I'll peer over your shoulder and read things even before you save them. It's creepy, I know, but it works.