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Function Template

Grid Redstone.png  Function {{{name}}}
No description provided.
Syntax {{{name}}}()
Returns nil
Part of ComputerCraft
API [[{{{api}}} (API)|{{{api}}}]]

Example Template

Grid paper.png  Example
No description provided.

Event Template

Grid Modem.png  Event {{{name}}}
No description provided.
Returned Object 1 Nothing

Delete Template

Grid Ink Sac.png  This page has been marked for deletion.
No reason provided.

Block Template

Grid workbench.png   User:AfterLifeLochie/Sandbox/TemplateSandbox
Iso Unknown.png
Item ID {{{id}}}
Damage Value {{{damage-value}}}
Peripheral? No


Keypress Template


Items & Blocks Template

Grid Redstone.pngComputerCraft Blocks and Items
Grid paper.png  Blocks
Iso Computer.png  Computer Iso Advanced Computer.png  Advanced Computer Iso DiskDrive.png  Disk Drive Iso Monitor.png  Monitor
Iso Advanced Monitor.png  Advanced Monitor Iso Printer.png  Printer Iso Unknown.png  Turtle Grid Modem.png  Wireless Modem
Grid Wired Modem.png  Wired Modem Iso Unknown.png  Networking Cable
Grid paper.png  Items
Grid disk.png  Floppy Disk Grid printed page.png  Printed Page Grid printed pages.png  Printed Pages Grid printed book .png  Printed Book